A Better Life

for you, your family and future generations

A Better Life for You and Your Family

Samfylkingin has one primary objective: A better life for you and your family. That is why we want to form a government that puts families first, builds a stronger, healthier society and initiates real climate change measures. But this requires a good result in the parliamentary elections on 25 September. Samfylkingin’s election policy is based on social democratic ideas on how to make life better and safer for the general public. These are Samfylkingin’s fundamental focus points for forming a government and our guidelines for our work in the parliament for the next four years. The measures we propose are ambitious but realistic ⁠— a contract between voters and our candidates. There’s much at stake and we want you to join us in the fight. Together, we can achieve a victory in these elections, allowing us to make life better – for you, your family and the whole public. - Logi Einarsson, leader of Samfylkingin

Families First

Samfylkingin wants to restore the welfare system, making it work more in favour of families with children, make system-wide changes to the housing market and improve conditions for senior citizens and people with disabilities, who have fallen significantly behind other social groups in recent years.

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Concrete Climate Change Measures

We intend to launch a major climate initiative, comparable to the biggest social projects of the 20th century: Electricity, district heating, telephone lines and highways. Such is the importance of this matter. This is possible, realistic and urgent – but in order to make it a reality, we need to adopt a new approach and take immediate, real measures in all spheres of society.

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A Stronger Society

Samfylkingin wants to develop a first class healthcare system and an educational system that ensures equal opportunities for all, and establish a new economic policy based on invention, innovation and sustainable energy exchange. We want to grow out of the Covid recession, and we completely reject the government's plans for ISK 100 billion cut-backs in the coming years. We want to use common sense to guide tax policies and policies on natural resources, work on a new constitution and give the general public more direct power.

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A Free and Progressive Iceland

All of Samfylkingin’s efforts are based on the principles of democratic socialism, which include a focus on human rights and celebration of human diversity. Samfylkingin is a progressive movement that wants more international cooperation for Iceland, and for the country to be open to new ideas currents and with have a strong voice in the international community, to be welcoming to immigrants and to ensure equal opportunities for all people to thrive.

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