Equal living standards and guarantee everyone equal opportunity

  • Reykjavik is on the right path
    On May 14th residents will vote for City Council. Samfylking in Reykjavik wants to continue growing the city with an emphasis on quality of life for residents and ensure that this quality of life is for all residents. It matters. Highlights from our policy for the upcoming elections, read more .....
  • Better Seltjarnarnes for us all
    xS - Samfylkingin and other independents offer a strong and diverse group that puts forward a policy based on achieving balance in operations and creating scope to meet the service requirements of the population. We want to build a better town for children, a better and vibrant town center and a better town for senior citizens. The next election period should be about reconstruction, not tax cuts and cuts. Read more....
  • Building a better Kópavogur
    At Samfylkingin, we believe in social fairness: providing quality education not just for the rich, making sure housing is affordable for all, improving public transport, ensuring there is the same pay for the same job regardless of gender and nationality, and most importantly, building Kópavogur together. This is your home, too! Read more....

This is how we want to improve everyone's living standards

Read our Election Manifesto in last elections - 2021