Concrete Climate Change Measures

Icelandic authorities should strive to be at the forefront of climate action rather than lagging behind our neighbouring countries.

A New Take on How to Combat Climate Change

We intend to launch a major climate initiative, comparable to the biggest social projects of the 20th century: Electricity, district heating, telephone lines and highways. Such is the importance of this matter. This is possible, realistic and urgent – but in order to make it a reality, we need to adopt a new approach and take immediate, real measures in all spheres of society.

Iceland needs a daring political leadership for a fair and sustainable transition in the Icelandic economy, a more rapid energy transition and ambitious green development throughout the country. 

What is Samfylkingin going to do?

  • Climate Goals Establish climate goals, including at least a 60 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • Green Energy Develop a new and much more ambitious action plan, ensure funding for a just and sustainable energy exchange, establish an effective and efficient climate issue administration and increase incentives for a green energy exchange.
  • Transportation Begin preparations for a sustainable airport transportation infrastructure between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport, and expedite the Borgarlína bus rapid transit system and other climate-friendly projects in the transport policy. Develop a comprehensive, nation-wide public transport network, making it an easy and practical option to travel around the country without a private vehicle.
  • Cycling Infrastructure Formulate a cycling plan for the whole of Iceland and put increased efforts into constructing cycling paths.
  • Energy Transition Accelerate energy exchange in transport: Increase the number of charging stations throughout the country, use tax incentives and systematic development of charging infrastructures to encourage the electrification of the rental car fleet. Abolish tax credits for purchasing vehicles that run on fossil fuel.
  • Green Investment Establish a Nordic-style, government-owned green investment fund, which will work with private investors to develop climate-friendly economic activities.
  • Agricultural Reform Reform the agricultural system without reducing support for farmers by ceasing to limit grants to meat and dairy production and supporting climate-friendly projects, sustainable food production and carbon sequestration with a different land use approach, such as reclamation of wetlands, soil conservation and forestry.
  • Harbors and Ocean Eliminate all exemptions from using heavy fuel oil in Icelandic territorial waters, electrify harbours and preempt any plans to drill for oil in Iceland’s economic zone.
  • Goodbye CO2 Provide systematic support for technological solutions to capture and dispose of carbon.
  • Foreign Policy Adopt a green foreign policy and utilise Iceland’s unique energy status and advantage to make Iceland an international centre for research and development in climate solutions.