Your Home, Your Vote

Voting in Iceland

Can I vote in local elections?

Yes, just 3 years after you registered in Iceland.

Where and when?

Election Day is May 14th, check for your polling station and more info (in English). Or just go to Holtagarðar 2. floor to vote early any time between 10.00 and 22.00. Need a ride to the polling station? Contact us at [email protected] for Reykjavík or else where at [email protected] and we will try to assist.

Why should I vote?

Because your community is about what matters most - the neighbourhood you live in, the school your child goes to, the bus you take, the park you walk in.

Why Samfylkingin?

Social democracy is what inclusion for immigrants is really all about. A community where no one is left behind. Real people, real equality. Social justice and inclusion for all. Empowering people.

Want to know more?

Check out

Multicultural and information center in Iceland has very good information on voting in Iceland.

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