The Social Democratic Youth's (UJ) annual congress

The Social Democratic Youth's (UJ) annual congress will be held on Sunday the 14th of November at Tunglið, Lækjargata in Reykjavík. The congress is the highest power of decision making and organization for UJ and is open to all members of the Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) aged 16 to 35.

All those who wish to attend must register using the link below and all attendees must be registered before midnight on Tuesday the 9th of November. The registration fee is 1.500 ISK. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfO-_DHaB1QDBNtzZoMbmLFdJUHmkQNKK8OEEMBEtcrEIKGWg/viewform

Domestic travel cost is subsidized and can be requested in the registration form above.

Candidacies can be filed for the executive board, junior college representative, central board and auditors until 12 pm on the day of congress. Candidacies should be sent by email to [email protected]. Statute amendments and resolutions must be sent by email to [email protected] before midnight on Wednesday the 10th of November.

Provisional itinerary:
10:30 – House opens. Coffee and baked goods.
11:00 – Congress is set. Election of congress staff.
11:15 – Speech from the president of the Social Democratic Youth.
11:30 – Executive board's report and discussion.
12:00 – Financial summary and discussion.
12:30 – Lunch.
13:00 – UJ's annual award.
13:15 – Amendments to statutes presented. Vote on presented amendments.
14:30 – Introduction of candidates for the executive board of UJ.
15:00 – Elections of executive board members (3 seats for a two year term), junior college representative (1 seat for a one year term), central board members (12 seats and 6 deputy seats for a one year term) and auditors (2 seats for a one year term).
15:30 – Panel: How do we strengthen UJ across the whole of Iceland?
16:00 – Resolutions presented. Vote on presented resolutions.
17:00 – Other discussions. Dissolution of the congress after discussions.

Drinks and snacks will be served after the congress.